Big Boy Bloater Presents

The Blues Podcast

The Blues Podcast is a podcast hosted by Big Boy Bloater, interviewing various Blues and Rock musicians, journalists, people in the industry and other folks connected to Blues and rock music.

It’s available across all major podcast platforms as well as as a Vodcast on YouTube.

Pod Prod are our go-to Podcast Production agency. We're always confident of Adam's professionalism and production quality and it shines through every time.
Steve Marsh
Mascot Label Group

What does Pod Prod Do?

Full Production Package

From making contact with guests to setup recordings, co-ordinate dates and providing research for the podcast, Adam and Pod Prod take care of this project right from the beginning.

Vodcast & Audio

From starting the Vodcast recordings in person across various locations in the UK, the podcast has moved to a remote recording platform, giving access to the biggest artists across the globe at times which work best for guests and host!

Guest research and episode prep

We take hold of the podcast's planning with research on guests and recommended questions to let the host focus on having a great conversation.