EYE on Yellow fever

Working with Bengo Media to produce EYE on Yellow Fever

‘EYE on yellow fever’ is a podcast series highlighting the global risks of yellow fever and how the EYE Strategy is addressing these challenges in the most-affected countries.  

EYE on Yellow Fever is a ten-part series that takes you inside a concerted global effort to ensure that yellow fever does not become the next big global health threat.

EYE on Yellow Fever is a series by the Eliminate Yellow Fever Epidemics (EYE) Strategy, which operates in 40 countries with over 50 partners, including the World Health Organization, Gavi – the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF, the US Centre for Disease Control and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Find out more about the EYE Partnership by going to who.int/initiatives/eye-strategy.  

Pod Prod And Bengo Media


Pod Prod and Adam Whalley provides freelance editing and recording services for this podcast.

Working with Bengo Media

Bengo Media are the powerhouse production team behind this podcast. Check them out at www.bengomedia.com

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